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Transitions Foster Home Program
If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or would like more information about the program call the  Transitions Foster Care Supervisor at (620) 442-4540 or (620) 221-9664.  
Transitions Foster Home Program is a fully licensed foster care agency that serves predominately the south central Kansas area. Transitions' staff and contracted foster parents help children learn how to manage their behaviors, empower the children to build their own strengths, model adult behaviors appropriate for children, and help children to identify their own needs and feelings. Transitions acts as an advocate for the children, enabling them to reach their full potential. We believe in helping youth learn to accept themselves and develop self-confidence and self-worth.
     Currently, the Transitions Foster Home Program trains foster parents to provide four main levels of care.
     Satellite Foster Care / Family Foster Care:  Satellite foster parents provide care to children and youth (ages 0-18) who are in need of care so that they can remain in close proximity to their families and communities.
     Emergency Foster Care:  Emergency foster care is for youth (ages 0- 8) who are in need of immediate, emergency placement. This placement may last between 1-30 days.
     Therapeutic Foster Care / Treatment Foster Care: Therapeutic foster parents provide care and treatment to youth (ages 3 to 18) who have serious emotional and behavioral difficulties and who might otherwise be limited to living in a hospital or state institution. Most youth can return to the community with an intensive therapeutic program being implemented.
     Diversion Foster Care / Specialized Foster Care:  Diversion foster parents provide care and treatment to youth (ages 3-18) who are at risk of being placed in a residential care or juvenile correctional facility or have recently completed one of these programs. When a child no longer meets the criteria for therapeutic foster care he/she will often "step down" to this level of care

Why choose us? 

     We feel our program is special because we offer a comprehensive support system to foster parents. This support  includes:

  • Financial support that covers day-to-day expenses of caring for the youth placed in foster care.
  • Local social workers on call to foster parents 24 hours a day to help in times of crisis.

  • An opportunity to become members of close-knit, supportive professional team that meets on a regular basis.

  • Respite Care is provided on a regular basis.

  •  Children placed in a foster home are carefully matched to ensure a good fit, a process enhanced by pre-placement visits and the foster parents having access to all information available to our agency on the child prior to placement.

  • A comprehensive orientation-training program designed to help families prepare for the job of parenting difficult youth.

  • Monthly support meetings are held so that families can receive additional training and support on an on-going basis.

  • Recruitment Bonus 

  • 2-year bonus

  • Social events for foster parents and children
Our Mission - Four County Mental Health Center is dedicated to providing  accessible, innovative services in partnership with individuals, families and our communities."
Our Vision - We envision healthier communities as we help individuals and families improve their lives.  Collaborating with community partners, we sustain a robust range of services that are accessible because we help people where they live and work.  We continue to be innovative as we identify new and special needs, develop programs, train our staff, and deliver services.  We will expand our use of state-of-the-art technology to extend our capacity and enhance the quality of service.  We will continue to develop well-trained, dedicated staff within a supportive, challenging, and personally rewarding work environment. 
Facilities and Hours of Operation
(800) 499-1748
Independence Main - 3751 W. Main, PO Box 688, Independence, KS  67301 (620) 331-1748

Coffeyville - 1601 W. 4th, Coffeyville, KS  67337
(620) 251-8180
Cowley - Strother Field 22214 "D" Street, Winfield, KS  67156 (620) 221-9664 or (620) 442-4540