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Community Based Services for Children and Youth
           Community Based Services for Children and Youth (CBS) are services designed to meet the individualized needs of children and youth who experience special mental health challenges.  The degree of mental health challenges experienced by children, are significant enough to disrupt their ability to function, socially, academically and/or emotionally.
      Four County Mental Health’s Center’s development of a system of care provides opportunities and programming that are available for children in their homes and in the community.  We practice a strengths based model of care and believe that it is through the child and families strengths that they are able to work through challenges.
     Staff within the department are specially trained to work with children with mental health needs.  We have early intervention and prevention programming as well as the core services within CBS to serve children and their families.
     Parents, families, educators, physicians, mental health professionals, as well as community agencies are encouraged to contact Four County Mental Health Center to discuss the appropriateness of services for a particular child.

Children/Youth Attendant Care

    The Community Based Services Attendant Care Program is designed to provide individualized services to Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) children and adolescents while promoting their growth and development.  Attendant Care services can be provided in a child’s home and community.  Attendant Care services primary goal is to provide direct support, supervision and mentoring to youth while facilitating their progress toward established treatment goals. Individualized Services; In the home or community; Direct support and supervision.

Case Management - Individualized Services for Children and Youth

  The Children’s Case Management program is designed to provide individualized mental health services to children and adolescents who are designated severely emotionally disturbed (SED) and experience significant disruptions socially, academically and emotionally.  Case management builds upon the strengths of children their families and the family’s community in order to provide an array of support and services.          
      The School-Based Case Management program is a cooperative effort between Four County Mental Health Center and Tri-County Special Education Cooperative, designed to serve high school students with severe emotional disabilities or special education disabilities. The goal is to provide community based services on an individual basis to students, facilitating their growth and development in the academic setting, home, and community. The School-Based Case Manager serves as a link between the public school, Tri-County, Four County Mental Health Center and community agencies. Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)/Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) Waiver for Children and Adolescents.    
     The HCBS/SED Waiver is designed for children in the state of Kansas at risk for being removed from their homes or hospitalized due to severe emotional and behavioral difficulties. The SED Waiver is based on the financial and clinical eligibility of the child while providing a state medical card and the ability access to extensive mental health services to assist children to remain in their home communities.  These services include Wraparound Facilitation, Parent Support, Case Management, Individual and Family Therapy, Attendant Care, Psychiatric Care, Respite Care, Independent Living Skills, and Psychosocial Groups.  

Parent Support

    Raising a child with special mental health needs is a challenge and an opportunity.  The Parent Support program is focused on the provision of support to parents who have children with mental health challenges. 
     The Parent Support program is able to provide individualized support to a parent with their child who has been designated as Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED). 
      This may include one-on-one support from staff available to talk with parents who may be having a difficult time dealing with their child's issues.  Staff also support parents in school meetings and other community settings.
      Parents supporting other parents in a group opportunity that is built on strengths, wisdom and the talents of parents who have been there. 
      As a parent you may: want support from another parent who has a child with special mental health needs; want to be heard on critical decisions affecting your child; want to be assisted in developing skills to be a better voice for your child. 
     Parent Support activities will include:  coaching and assisting parents in their knowledge and awareness of their child's needs; understanding choices offered by service providers; helping families develop plans of care; resource availability
     Support groups are also offered to parents who have an SED child or a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or attention deficit disorders (ADHD/ADD)

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The Quest Program is an exciting Four County Mental Health youth program serving youth since 1992. Quest was designed to provide programming for special needs children, with a designation of Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) from ages 5-13.  There are three major components to this program, Summer Quest, After School Quest and Explorer.  All of these programs are therapeutic in nature with the main goals, to assist in daily problem solving, provide leisure time training, promote competence and good health and assist youth in developing appropriate social skills and personal relationships. Our main objective is to reintegrate youth back into community activities, no longer needing the support of our program.

To provide young people and caregivers assistance in quality of life.

That each young person in the program might reach new heights in self-awareness and how they fit into the community around them.

The main goal of the After-School Quest program is to teach children social skills.  These social skills are taught through a variety of activities that are geared toward reaching individualized treatment goals with each child.

This a nine week program that is full of experiential opportunities in which the youth learn about themselves and the community.  The youth learn to improve many of their social skills in real life situations.  Quest works with every youth on specific goals and helps them create steps to make the completion of these goals possible.

Explorer is a therapeutic (outdoor) program for young people from the ages of 10 -1 8 years old.  This program offers many opportunities for the participants to work on setting and reaching personal treatment goals. 


Parent Education

The Parent Education Program is designed to provide parent education classes and seminars on an ongoing rotating basis, in Chautauqua, Elk, Montgomery and Wilson Counties with approximately 73 titles from which to choose.  
     Our mission is to provide skills for parents, grandparents, foster parents, teachers, and child care providers to recognize normal developmental patterns, prevent misbehavior; use different forms of discipline, and take safety precautions and to manage stress and anger.
     It is our hope that through offering parenting classes, it will help strengthen the mental and physical wellness of both the participants and the children they affect.
     Flyers are available to describe these and other classes available free to the public.  Classes are held at different times during the month including day and evening classes.  Class schedules are available at any of the Four County Mental Health Center lobbies, by mail or e-mail, or by clicking below on the class schedules. Classes are open to anyone in the community free of charge with the exception of the court-ordered divorce classes -
Parenting Through Divorce is $60.

Providing A Successful Environment For Kids Since 1996

SEK Academy is a mental health “day treatment” program.  It is designed to provide services to school aged children whose emotional and behavioral problems have put them at risk for being removed from their homes.  The Academy, located in Independence, Kansas, accepts referrals for children from Elk, Chautauqua, Labette, Montgomery, and Wilson counties.  Children accepted into the program learn to problem solve, improve their social skills, manage unstructured time, and build positive relationships, all in a Monday through Friday time frame very similar to a traditional school day.  Each child is assisted in reaching treatment goals by attendant care workers, case managers, and therapists, and parents actively participate in each stage of treatment.  A partnering agency, Tri-County Special Education, provides on-site academic assistance so no child falls behind in school while addressing mental health issues.
     If you and your school-aged child live in one of the counties mentioned above (counties served either by Four County Mental Health Center or Tri-County Special Education), and your child is currently enrolled in school, but emotional and behavioral problems are making it hard to stay there, and these problems are so severe they are placing your child at risk for being removed from the home as well as excluded from normal community activities, and your child difficulties are related to a diagnosed mental illness or emotional problem, ask your child’s teacher or mental health worker about a referral to SEK Academy.
      Children attending the Academy remain enrolled in their home school, but are transported to and from the Academy each day by staff.  Treatment involves movement through a 16-step behavioral management program designed to measure progress toward treatment goals and readiness to begin transition back to a public school setting.  Length of stay may range from four months to several years.  Each child’s participation is at the consent of a parent or guardian, and that consent may be withdrawn at any time.

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Our Mission - Four County Mental Health Center is dedicated to providing  accessible, innovative services in partnership with individuals, families and our communities."
Our Vision - We envision healthier communities as we help individuals and families improve their lives.  Collaborating with community partners, we sustain a robust range of services that are accessible because we help people where they live and work.  We continue to be innovative as we identify new and special needs, develop programs, train our staff, and deliver services.  We will expand our use of state-of-the-art technology to extend our capacity and enhance the quality of service.  We will continue to develop well-trained, dedicated staff within a supportive, challenging, and personally rewarding work environment. 
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